The consultancy services Hadimpro provides can be adopted at any stage of a project from FEED through engineering development to construction however, an early appointment would benefit the project and assist our client to achieve their objective of completion safely to budget and schedule. Our team of consultants and engineers provide practical solutions and construction techniques based on Hadimpro’s in-depth knowledge and considerable ‘hands-on’ experience of the (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport techniques, equipment, systems and contractors available globally. The consultancy services we provide are not limited to ‘Green-field’ sites, they are of equal benefit to ‘Brown-field’ sites in addition to Turn-Around/Shutdown projects. The work undertaken by the Hadimpro is not limited to office based desk study duties but continues to the construction phase by integrating into our client’s project team. Our objective is to assist in the development of operational planning, this being made as efficient as practicable, which has minimum risk of schedule overrun and maximises safety while complying with all relevant statutory regulations, engineering codes and good working practices.

Independent 3rd party consultancy

A significant amount of Hadimpro’s appointments is the independent 3rd party technical audit (technical check and safety audit) of contractors’ (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport proposals. Not influenced by the potential preferences of any contractor and/or equipment supplier this particular service forms part of our client’s risk management strategy. Fulfilling our client’s duty of care and due diligence obligations that operations can be completed safely with minimum risk to personnel and plant. Acting on behalf of our client we undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of contractors’ proposed procedures and perform independent checks of the associated engineering and safety aspects thereby addressing any interfaces. This continues to the operational locations to monitor the contractors’ compliance with accepted procedures, providing a continual project assurance role. Our scrutiny of the technical proposals of contractors, designers and vendors, addressing any interfaces, ensures that all associated documentation are complimentary to each other and determines the viability of the proposed operations, when the pertinent information is accurately prepared.

Consultancy related services

The consultancy services and reviews that Hadimpro perform embrace each and every subject of “load movement” from vendor through to installation at your project site. Hadimpro’s (heavy) lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport consultancy services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • General consultancy
  • Equipment and services sourcing & comparison for purchasing decisions
  • Determining sea and inland waterway transportation method and equipment
  • Optimal land transport and load movement determination: sliding, rolling and or SPMT’s
  • Lifting/hoisting method determination: by crane, hydraulic lift/jacking systems, mast/tower lifting systems
  • Independent studies and survey’s for complex lifting and transportation projects
  • Providing detailed method statements
  • Independent review of lifting, hoisting, rigging and transport proposals prepared by others
  • Review of HAZID reports and Job Safety Analysis
  • Preparation or review of risk assessments (combining risk analysis and risk evaluation) for lifting, hoisting, rigging and specialised transport operations

Verification of engineering and design calculations for:

  • Sea forces, ship/barge deck strength and sea-fastenings assessment
  • Transportation support beams, frames and saddles
  • Transporter strength analyses
  • Temporary support foundations such as spreader mats/plates
  • Ground bearing pressure & load distribution analysis
  • Crane type and crane capacity verification
  • Lifting attachments such as lifting lugs, trunnions and tailing frames
  • Rigging assemblies and configuration
  • Local and global stress effects in vessel shell/module framing under temporary support conditions during lifting, transport and/or shipping
  • Trailer mounted tailing frame for items (such as vessels) being tailed
  • Specialist demolition lifting attachments such as temporary lifting lugs and push through “pipe” trunnions and rigging items such as spreader bars or lifting beams
  • Independent witness during lifting, hoisting, rigging and transport operations
  • On-site supervision, ensuring regulations and health & safety requirements are strictly adhered to.
  • Being member of your project team as a Subject Matter Expert Lifting & Transportation
  • Verification of personnel qualifications and competences
  • Heffen


    Heffen is een activiteit waarbij de last op een gecontroleerde en geleide wijze wordt opgeheven, normaal gesproken vanaf de onderkant van de last met bijvoorbeeld een vorkheftruck, schroefvijzel, dommekracht, hydraulische vijzel, teenvijzel, hefkussen, etc.

  • Rigging


    Het verplaatsen van een last horizontaal, verticaal of onder andere hoeken en mogelijk door verschillende vloerniveaus, door gebruik te maken van verschillende soorten hef- en hijsmiddelen. Hef- en hijsmiddelen worden daarbij onderverdeeld in hef- en hijswerktuigen versus hef- en hijsgereedschappen.

  • Hijsen


    Hijsen is een activiteit waarbij de last wordt opgehangen en waarbij deze vrij hangt, bijvoorbeeld door middel van één of meerdere hijskranen, kettingtakels, rateltakels, hijsportaal, balkklem, lier, drijvende bok, vijzel met bundel voorspanstaaldraad, enz.

  • Gespecialiseerd transport

    Gespecialiseerd transport

    Transport van zware, abnormale en extra grote lasten door middel van gespecialiseerde transportmiddelen zoals zelfrijdende modulaire transport eenheden (zogenaamde SPMT"s), conventionele modulaire en meer-assige trailers, slede technieken, zware industriële rollensets en zware "rolschaatsen" op basis van eindloze kettingtechnieken.